Georges Duverger
Software engineer turned product manager

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In development:
  1. The 3 D's Ruining your Team
  2. How to Manage Product
  3. Elevate and Delegate
  4. 5 Startup Ideas
  5. What is Product Management?
  6. DIY Business Emails
  7. Baby Names for Analytical Parents
  8. The Secret API of Banks (#3 on Hacker News)
  9. Comptes de Campagne (in French)
  10. 5 Million Calories Later
  11. No More Calorie Counting
  12. Nutrition, Quantified Self, and Machine Learning
  13. Ask “Do You Like X?”, Not “What Do You Like?”
  14. The Strange Case of Ellis v. City of Grand Rapids
  15. 3 Things I Believe

  1. Master of Science in Engineering
    École polytechnique de l'université Grenoble-Alpes

I am currently looking to join a founding team or lead a product organization. Resume

  1. Nautilus Labs
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Fitmeal (founder)
  4. eBay
  5. Hunch (acquired by eBay)
  6. Syntenic
  7. Akoha

I practiced software engineering for 10 years before moving to product management in 2015. I worked at 4 technology startups and 1 multinational corporation. I design, build, and manage digital products and open-source projects. I care about strategy, usability, and culture.

Personal timeline:
  1. Grew up in Grenoble, France
  2. Moved to Montreal, Canada
  3. Moved to New York, NY
  4. Got married
  5. Became a dad (×2)
  6. Moved to Cambridge, MA
  7. Visit Mars, Solar System

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